Exercise 1.6iii – exercise 1.4 refined

Exercise 1.6.iii

Further improved written in green- digitally refined


The items on my desk; I’ll name the item then add improved descriptions

A small purple plant bucket containing miscellaneous writing implements.

A purple plant-pot holder grows a bunch of pens and pencils, some ripe for picking and pressing out their words.

A purple plant pot sprouting pens and pencils, some ripe for picking and word pressing.

A wooden block for four pairs of scissors – currently empty

An empty wooden block carefully fashioned for purpose made redundant by its stolen scissors.

A wooden block with four empty slots wondering where the scissors went.

A clear plastic cube with incomplete sides containing stack of coloured notelets

A cubic rainbow waiting in its glass cage for liberation sheet by sheet

A cube of rainbow notelets waiting for liberation to record some inspiration.

A BT Sonus phone base and landline phone

Standing sentry in the centre of the desk, a sleek grey shape, silent now though  always ready to speak.

Centred on the desk, a sleek grey sentry, silent for now like Stentor asleep.

A large red Sellotape dispenser.

Bright red monowheel ballister, ready to fire with a roll and a rip.

Like the side of a Mississippi paddle boat sailing  nowhere on the desk, but ready to reel off the tape from the roll with a ripping tear.

My laptop, open and in use.

A barely blinking cyclops in the gathering dark, its rectangular eye gazing thoughtfully at the opposite wall.

A flickering screen in the darkening room, unattended and gazing thoughtfully at the door

An open filing tray with shelves all containing pieces of paper.

A red plastic stack, angular and anxious to please offers three open hands

Three open shelves perch casually on the desk their open hands revealing all they hold.

18 books from my Illustration course.

An embryo library waiting for fruition and the dispersal of its treasures.

An embryo library in the dark anxious to help someone see the light.

A small framed photo of my Mum and Dad and 2 sisters and an aunty.

A faded photo from before my time all Sunday best and smiles.

A faded family photo from before my time all Sunday best and smiles

An empty Bounty wrapper

A crinkly wrapper silenced behind the laptop but still smelling of coconut.

The crinkly wrapper lies screwed up behind the laptop, robbed of its load and left alone with only the dying aroma of coconut.

A kitchen timer

A large green egg, spotted white, ticks quietly then explodes with sound because the meal is ready.

A small green bomb, spotted white, quietly ticks away the time, then explodes in a frenzy of sound because “Tea’s up!”

A rolled-up bunch of receipts.

Unwanted now, a sausage of receipts saved for calculation, but their time is gone.

Unwanted now, faded and hard to read, a bundle of old receipts saved for calculation, but their time is gone.