Exercise 1.3 Describe an object

Exercise 1.3 • Take your notebook and find an object to write about. This could be anything from a thimble or pebble to a coffee cup or houseplant. • Make a list of all its characteristics and descriptive qualities. In other words write down what you can see in front of you as accurately as you can. • If visual observation is difficult for you, focus on texture for this exercise.

A Barclays Pincentric gadget

Smooth plastic

Hard to touch

Odourless and not to be tested

Coloured, ivory, cerulean blue, black green and bright yellow

Around 8 x 5 centimetres square

10 black keys

3 blue keys

One yellow key

One green key

Small clear screen

A slot for cards

Blue back


The gadget is the width of a mobile phone with a section ‘cut off’ the length so it is almost square. The plastic face is ivory the back is blue. The ‘chopped off’ end contains a slot for Barclaycards. There are 10 numerical buttons echoing the pattern of a phone and a tiny screen in proportion to its ‘chopped off’ appearance. Three blue buttons, a row above the numbers are for identification and signing in.

The outside buttons on the bottom row flanking the zero space are yellow to the left for clearing and green to the right for entering.

The item is clean, odourless and unsuitable for tasting. The buttons when pressed are silent.